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Tourism Spotlight – Messy Kitchen

Local restaurants, eateries, and catering services eagerly look forward to Kahnawà:ke Tourism’s community-wide food festivals each season.

It’s a great experience to showcase some of our traditional foods!” Messy Kitchen chef/owner Anna Lazare said. “I love when the festivals come around; it sparks creativity with myself and my team! It’s amazing that our community highlights small businesses in this way.

Messy Kitchen Catering opened its doors in 2016. Having taken part in several food festivals over the years, Lazare knows the events play an important role for her thriving business, both in and out of Kahnawà:ke.

I have noticed an increase in our special products offered during the festivals with local and non-locals,” she explained.

Lazare said her restaurant will continue to enthusiastically  participate in the food festivals, as well as other Kahnawà:ke Tourism events and initiatives.

Yes, I support it 100%!” she asserted. “I love seeing what different businesses contribute to each ‘fest’ that Kahnawà:ke Tourism launches.

Lazare said these festivals provide an opportunity to local businesses to support one another.

It would be a great idea to maybe offer discount coupons to groups that do take tours of Kahnawà:ke, which can be applied to a business of their choice during these festivals,” she suggested for future Kahnawà:ke Tourism events.

Messy Kitchen is located on the River Road, across from the Town Garage.

We offer all types of food from traditional, Italian, and Mexican to our very our own unique creations,” Lazare said. “We are completely Indigenous owned and run. We are all fully operated by women only!

Messy Kitchen is located on the river Road, across from the Town Garage

By: Jordan Standup, Freelance Writer