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Tourism Spotlight – The Kahnawake Brewing Company

The Kahnawake Brewing Company has enjoyed a great deal of success since opening its doors to the community and surrounding area in 2018.


Like many other local businesses, the KBC has proudly participated in and benefited from Kahnawà:ke Tourism events, including the Strawberry Food Fest and Maple Food Fest to name a few.


“It is always fun to participate because it gives our cooks a challenge to let their creativity out as well as giving our customers something fun and exciting to enjoy during the various seasons,” KBC Head of Operations Drew Stevens said.


He said the business has seen a boost in visitors during and after participating in these events.


It definitely helps with sales because we try to tie it into a particular event at the same time; we do a Sugar Shack brunch at the end of the Maple Food Fest,” Stevens said.


He said the KBC is in full support of Kahnawà:ke Tourism continuing to host these events.


Of course we are in support of these events. It promotes business, yes, but it also promotes a sense of community because it is even fun for us to go around to the other businesses and try their products during these events,” Stevens said.


He shared a few suggestions on what he would like to see during future Kahnawà:ke Tourism events.


A hop-on-hop-off tour of the participating businesses would be good so people can stop and try the various products during these events,” Stevens said. “It would be fun to collaborate with Tourisme Montérégie and ITAQ to promote a wider radius, too.

The KBC is located in Deer Crossing Plaza on Highway 138.

By: Jordan Standup, Freelance Writer