The historic mission was first established in 1667 when the Kanien’kehá:ha (Mohawk) community located to the northern part of the territory at Kentake,now known as Laprairie, Quebec.   The community moved four more times due to economic agricultural as well as political changes, and settled at its present site in 1716 at Kahnawà:ke, meaning “On the Rapids”, and it was here a more permanent church was built in 1720.  The Mission is surrounded by a Fort Saint-Louis, a fort that was erected in 1725 by the French in protection of the Christian Iroquois.  Partial sections of the original fort walls, still stand today.

The mission is the home of the Shrine of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha known as the “Lily of the Mohawks” a young Mohawk Woman who was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI, in 2012.  Kateri’s tomb can be found to the right of the main alter.

NEW is the Saint Kateri Interpretive Center, which is a museum based on the life and afterlife of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha! Visit the center by making a reservation with one of our tour guides!

The Shrine is located on 1 River Road and is open for mass every Sunday.  For a complete schedule of their gift shop hours, mass times and visiting hours visit:

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