Kahnawà:ke Tourism Blog



Kahnawà:ke Tourism hosts and attends a variety of events throughout the year, encouraging tourism within Kahnawà:ke.  

In 2016, the food festival initiative was created to showcase our traditional foods that coincide with our cycle of ceremonies to visitors and community members alike. The food fests are a fun, respectful and economically beneficial way in which to share our culture, without disrupting the local environment. 

Strawberry Food Fest 
The strawberry food fest hosted throughout the month of July had been a great success. The theme of strawberries and community culinary creations made with strawberries is promoted throughout the community for the whole month. Several local businesses participated in the event: Two O’ Seven Steak & Seafood, Roosters Express, Tota Ma’s, Kahnawake Brewing Company, Purple Dragonfly Trading Post, Messy Kitchen, Kaienthókwen and First Nations Nutrition. The Strawberry Food Fest promoted Kahnawà:ke and Kahnawà:ke businesses.  

Harvest Food Fest 

The harvest food fest hosted throughout the month of October promoted tourism to Kahnawà:ke while celebrating harvest items and food. Local businesses throughout the community came together to make the harvest food fest possible. Participating businesses included: Two O’ Seven Steak & Seafood, Tota Ma’s, Rooster Express, Village Variety, Valley Girls Flowers & Gifts, JoJo’s Nursery, and Eileen’s Bakery. The harvest food fest encouraged tourism to the community and promotion of indigenous business.  

Kaienthókwen Scavenger Hunt 

The hunt begins with the Kaienthókwen Scavenger Hunt. Due to the cancellation of the 2021 Corn Fest the Kaienthókwen Scavenger Hunt had been made possible. With the partnership with Kanien’keha: ka Onkwawén:na Raotitióhkwa Language and Cultural Center, the hidden items had been from their show Tóta tánon Ohkwári: onenste, ononosera tánon osaheta. Thirty teams participated in the event with six teams from outside of the community.  

Upcoming Events 

Comedy Fest 

Looking for some laughs? Look no further than the upcoming Comedy Fest hosted by Kahnawà:ke Tourism. Keep an eye out during the KYC Winter Carnival for more details.


Maple Food Fest 

Keep and eye out for the first food fest of 2022…. The Maple Food Fest because who is not ready for some fresh maple?!