Virtual tour of Kahnawà:ke

Virtual Tour of Kahnawà:ke

Watch our videos for a teaser of what you would see and learn on a tour in Kahnawake.

For full information on our history and culture, visit us and book a tour in 2023!

Episode 19: Boutiques tour; Wolf's Den

Episode 18:

Boutiques tour; Purple Dragonfly Trading Post

Episode 17: Turtle Bay Art Studio,

An interview with owner/artist Owisokon Lahache.

Episode 16: Traditions;

An interview and tour with owner/artist

Tekaronhiahkhwa Standup

Episode 15: Boutique tour of Iron Horse Wearhouse

Episode 14: Workshop tour with Richard Nolan

Episode 13: Remembrance Day: Honoring our veterans

& the Mohawk Legion Branch 219 in Kahnawà:ke

Episode 12: How to make a corn husk doll, with tour guide Skanaiea Deer

Episode 11: Spooky Stories with Dega Lazare

Episode 10: Sports & Recreation with tour guide Kyle Zacharie

Episode 9: Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Shrine

Episode 8: Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Interpretive Center, with tour guide Davis Rice

Episode 7, part 3:

Community gardens, the Collective Impact food sovereignty project, with local project leaders, Steven 'Silverbear' McComber & Randy Cross

Episode 7, part 2:

Community Gardens, with local Tekaronhiahkhwa Standup

Episode 7, part 1:

Agriculture, & Community Gardens, with tour guide Harley Delaronde & local teacher Ronwahawíhtha Delaronde

Episode 6, part 2: Medicine walk, with Skanaiea Deer

Episode 6, part 1: Traditional medicines, with Skanaiea Deer

Episode 5, part 2: KORLCC Museum with Dwayne Stacey

Episode 5, part 1: Kanienkehaka Onkwawenna Raotitiohkhwa Language & Cultural Center museum with tour guide Dwayne Stacey

Episode 4: the Monuments with tour guide Harley Delaronde

Episode 3, part 2: Recreational bike path, with Skanaiea Deer

Episode 3, part 1: Recreational bike path, with Skanaiea Deer

Episode 2: Echoes of a Proud Nation Powwow Kahnawake

Episode 1, part 2: Old village, Kahnawake with Dwayne Stacey

Episode 1: Old Kahnawake, with Dwayne Stacey

Intro to virtual tour series: