Kahnawà:ke Tourism Newsletter, May 2022

Welcome to our first Kahnawà:ke Tourism newsletter: Kwakaratón:ni – we are sharing stories with you! We chose this name, continuing our virtual tour series in our monthly newsletters, where we are able to give you a glimpse of who is on our team, what we are working on and any news within the Kahnawà:ke & indigenous Tourism Industry.

One of the action items that came 2021 community consultation and 3 year strategic plan was to be more present within Kahnawà:ke, by this we mean communicating our activities and initiatives regularly. We are after all, a community tourism center, and we want to be sure to always reflect the wants and needs of our people.

This newsletter will be shared with community and visitors alike, if you have a tourism story to tell, contact us! Please subscribe to stay up to date and spread the word with family and friends! – Kimberly Cross, Tourism Development Agent.

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