Places to Visit The Crystal Connection

The Crystal Connection, a holistic and alternative health service owned by Arlie Goodleaf, began full time operation in February of 2017. They offer Crystal healing/therapy which is an alternative healing technique that employs the use of crystals. Throughout the first year of operation The Crystal Connection did not have a permanent store front, often selling her products at craft fairs, Powwows, and other temporary locations. With dedication and persistence, Arlie saw the popularity of her business continue to grow and after the first year of operation she was able to secure a permanent store front location. The Crystal Connection is now located on Mohawk Beach Road.

The Crystal Connection offers a variety of healing stones, home décor, jewelry, meditation, and chakra tools. These products may aid you holistically with relieving anxiety and stress, grounding, calmness, and relaxation, and may be a tool for enhancing your meditation.

Something that The Crystal Connection offers is a monthly Treasure Chest special for $49, that includes an assortment of unique, carefully selected items to aid your wellbeing, a description of each item is also included inside. The contents contained inside of the Treasure Chest change every month and are valued at $85+. The Crystal Connection is open Thursday to Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm.