Places to Visit Sequoia

One of Kahnawà:ke’s most popular businesses is Sequoia. Sequoia, Indigenous Beauty Brand, is 100% owned and operated by Michaelee Lazore an Indigenous Woman from Kahnawà:ke. Founded in 2002, all of Sequoia’s products are hand crafted and inspired by our native legends and ingredients. Sequoia products have appeared in many beauty and fashion magazines and websites such as Elle, FLARE, Lou Lou, Refinery29 and many more!

Sequoia offers a variety of incredible products such as soaps, lip balms, lotions, scrubs, and candles; the array of scents available are inspired from nature. Sequoia also offers seasonal specials and bundles, such as The Three Sisters Bundle that is offered during the Fall, which includes Sequoia’s Three Sisters Soap, Lip Balm, and Candle. Each product has a pumpkin spice scent to them! It is the perfect place to find the perfect gift for someone special this holiday season!

Sequoia’s store is located at the Business Complex here in Kahnawà:ke and they are open from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Sequoia can be found on Facebook (Sequoia Soaps) and Instagram (@sequoiasoaps). You can also visit their website and shop online at