Longhouse – Traditional Dwelling Exhibit

KWE! a la rencontre des peuples autochtones (meet indigenous peoples) in Quebec City, QC commissioned Kahnawa’kehró:non Preston Jacobs to build and animate a traditional longhouse during their 5-day cultural event from June 17 to 21, 2022. Kahnawà:ke Tourism sponsored Preston to relocate the longhouse on the powwow site and the animation during the 30th Annual Echoes of a Proud Nation Pow Wow on July 8 & 9, 2022 in the Kanienhkehaka (mohawk) community of Kahnawà:ke, QC.  


Traditionally, the longhouse is a hosing model of the Confederate Nations such as the Wendat, the Haudenosaunee and many others. The longhouses are the basis of social and political life. Many relatives live in the longhouses that are administered by the women of the large extended family. They are also the heart of community life as members gather there to tell stories, perform ceremonies, and socialize. These houses are also used to store personal belongings, meat, corn, and other dried foods. 

 Today, although they are no longer used to house families, many cultural and political ceremonies and gatherings are still held in them. Longhouses remain import to Confererate Nations.  

-Source KWE!


The Longhouse displayed at the 2022 Pow Wow was immensely popular with all visitors. The animators were Preston Jacobs, Kaherawaks Jacobs, Skanaie’a Deer, Trevor Diabo and Dwayne Stacey. 


It took every hour available to complete the structure as we all worked during the social on Friday night to complete the Longhouse.  Many people stopped by to watch during the construction. On Saturday morning we put on the final touches and decorated the building. There was such a large number of visitors, with people lined up 5 deep waiting to look inside and listen to the explanation of what a longhouse was and the life in a longhouse. Preston and his daughter also had some craft displays which kept drawing visitors, some people were even encouraged to try some wood working.” - Dwayne Stacey 

Our presentation team did a magnificent job, welcoming visitors and engaging with the story telling. The visitors to Kahnawake were curious and impressed with the information, stories, and the Longhouse. The people of Kahnawake had the look of pride on their faces, proud to see a longhouse in Kahnawake.” – Preston Jacobs.  



Kahnawà:ke Tourism is in discussion on how we can bring the presentation to more events, schools, and surrounding areas as there has been a lot of positive interest in the cultural attraction. The Longhouse was a great and popular addition to the Pow Wow and we hope to bring it back bigger and better for years to come.